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Deeply Rooted in Him


 Shelly Sorem

Deeply Rooted

A 365-Day Devotional

written by Shelly Sorem

Published September 2012



Hear what is being said about this devotional.....

  • Whenever people try to explain God's Word and apply it to our lives as Shelly Sorem has in her new devotional book, we have an opportunity to look into their lives and examine their own walk with God. As you read insights from a fellow traveler along the spiritual journey road, know that Shelly shares her heart and her Lord with you as we all journey together towards Christ-likeness. Those who take these insights and challenges and ingest them fully will find their lives looking more and more like Jesus every day.

    • Dr. Tom Blackaby

    • International Director for Blackaby Ministries International




  •  I have been using Deeply Rooted: A 365-Day Devotional along with my daily Bible
    reading. I love how this devotional walks with me through the Bible starting at
    Genesis and taking me to the end, Revelation. I look forward to each day's scriptural reflection and the insight that Shelly brings. I would recommend this devotional for anyone wanting a closer walk with God, a deeper understanding of scripture and how it applies to their life on a daily basis. This devotional will help your next 365 days become deeply rooted in God and his Word.

  • Karen
  •        Karen Henson

  •      Ministry Director of Grace Angelican Community Church